NIEP (National Institute for Earth Physics, Romania) is the leading institution for seismology in Romania. NIEP is an organization for  research and development in Earth sciences performing fundamental and applied researches focused on: Seismic source; Seismotectonics; Earthquake monitoring; Early warning systems; Seismic hazard; Earthquake prediction; Engineering seismology; Seismic microzonation; Lithosphere structure; Seismic risk; Seismic tomography; Shakemap. NIEP has been involved in a variety of European research projects in seismology and hazard assessment in the past  years, including the ASPEN, GSHAP,  EUROBULL, GEOFON , ASPELEA, MEREDIAN2, NERIES, SAFER, SHARE, NERA, REAKT, ARISE, INFREP etc.

    NIRD URBAN-INCERC performs fundamental and applicative research studies of national public interest, especially for the development of building science in earthquake engineering, ensuring essential requirements, increased reliability, functionality and comfort of buildings, seismic protection of buildings and structures, development in professional and competency areas. NIRD URBAN-INCERC through its component branches has the experience and has directly participated in the programs CEEX, MENER, AMTRANS and in the ones of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism . NIRD URBAN-INCERC will directly participate in the evolution of the project by developing educational material, seminars for project presentation with the participation of interested teachers from the schools involved ( issues related to seismic risk and vulnerability ), training sessions for educators and teachers, development of teaching modules, creation and use of a demonstration platform in the institute, updating the “E- learning” portal.


    Babes-Bolyai University is an institution of higher education, advanced research and education. Research strategy aims alongside excellence in research also an efficient management of the research activity, which maximize the existing experience and generate new institutional mechanisms to ensure continuous development, according the international standards.
    The academic environment of Babes-Bolyai University has successfully participated in international and national competitions of research projects, the University also could actively participate in European and international research networks thanks to the qualified human resources and to the appropriate research infrastructure.
    Babes Bolyai University accept the implementation of the research project within the institution, provide administrative support for the project by providing the resources mentioned in the application form, supporting the project development in the best conditions.

    Beta Software Management SA operates in the production of software and websites. So far the team has accumulated the necessary experience to oversee research projects in all stages of development: from concept and design phase, during implementation of mobile applications to final testing for beneficiaries. The company has previously provided for its partners services starting from designing websites, implementation of mobile applications, to their management for beneficiaries.

    The company will perform the eLearning segment of the research project. The proposed solution will enable the development of the eLearning courses in an easy manner both for instructors and students.

    The instruments aggregated in the platform will enable instant creation and publication of the classes with a complex structure, without programming skills. Integrated solutions will have the ability to include multimedia content. The application will be flexible, scalable and will have a suitable security level industry standard.