Educational Objectives

 -Training students and teachers in analysis and interpretation of seismological data;
– Preparing of several comprehensive educational materials;
– Designing and testing didactic activities using informatics and web-oriented tools;
– Installing a seismograph network in schools whose data can be used in educational purposes;
– Contribution to professional development and  also providing the technical support for teachers involved;
– Creating new learning modules in terms of school curricula and proposal of implementation in the annual educational plan;
– Better training of undergraduates and master degree students regarding the importance of earthquakes in the environmental studies;


Social Objectives

– Facilitating the interaction between students, teachers and scientists; the project implies students being part of the scientific work and scientists being part of the teaching activity;
– Promoting interaction at community level – improving communication between scientific institutes and community – the proposed activities can be extended to museum level trough educational complementary programs; involving amatory scientific communities, local authorities and units for emergency situations in these activities;

– Raising awareness of fact that earth sciences should  be fields of study in elementary schools;
– Improving risk prevention by informing and promoting these aspects trough students and teachers;



Scientific Objectives

– Main product of the project – an earthquake waveform archive with the data obtained by the devices installed in school – a large amount of such data will be used by the students and teachers for educational purposes;
– Developing a seismograph network that can be integrated in the National Seismic Network
– Using the obtained data to develop the integrated risk management methodologies;
– Introducing the use of advanced instruments and experimental methods into schools.