Year Phases/ Actions Reporting date
2012 Phase I Developing educational resources December 2012
Action I.1 Development of the learning resources

Action I.2 “E-learning” in Romania – State of the art

2013 Phase II Preparation phase: patterns of implementation December 2013
Action II.1 Planning the testing ground – Project presentation for school participants (involved teachers and students)
Action II.2
  Planning the testing ground – Training teachers / Workshops
Action II.3 Assessment /Evaluation process
Action II.4 Proposed Educative Plan for School Councils
Action II.5 Beta version of project “E-learning” platform.
2014 Phase III  Implementation Phase: Development of RoEduSeis-Net and didactic initiatives December


Action III.1 Installing the seismic network in school (RSE)

Action III.2 Setting up a portal for viewing, archiving and sharing the seismic data recorded in schools

Action III.3 Didactic module: Training on Seismology topics and risk reduction

Action III.4 Didactic module: Training on RoEduSeis-Net. Theory, Class activities and learning methodologies based on recorded data

Action III.5 E-learning platform: develope, operate and continuous update

Actiunea III.6 Offering technical support for manage and operate the seismic network

Action III.7 Update the E-learning platform

2015 Phase IV Dissemination Phase: Experiences of formation and awakening to the seismic risk June 2015
Action IV.1 Creating and operate three demonstrative platforms (laboratory)

Action IV.2 Organization of conferences and events for the public in the demonstrative centers, chances for students, citizens and scientists to get in touch to help the comprehension of the problems related to seismic hazard.

Action  IV.3 Offering continuous technical support for network management

Action IV.4 Updating the e-learning platform

Action IV.5 Final assessment and remarks